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Technology Meets Dog Training

The Top Tier K9 Virtual Reality (VR) Dog Training Center will launch in early summer of 2022. That's less than 12 weeks away! Students will have access to a VR replication of Top Tier K9's Madison Florida campus where they can practice training dogs using a VR Headset and Hand controls. Our balanced approach to dog training and patentable K9 Artificial Intelligence (K9-Structured AI) algorithms create a training environment that is as close to reality as humanly possible.

Students will continue to attend our Live-online classes and Live-onsite certifications but will also have access to our VR Training Center to practice luring, using markers, applying effective corrections and teaching basic commands to dogs. The dogs will respond according to the proper use of our command sequence that exploits timing, consistency and motivation that turns an out of control virtual dog into an obedient and happy dog.

Top Tier K9 VR Dogs respond to effective training just like real dogs do. Pressure + conflict = load and the Top Tier K9 Artificial Intelligence algorithms replicate load in our VR dogs just like pressure + conflict creates a modification to load in a real dog. As the trainer gets better using rewards and corrections in the proper command sequence, the VR Dogs respond accordingly. Mistakes made in the VR Training center result in the VR Dog counseling the trainer according to the outcome of the K9-Structured AI algorithms. Too high of a correction and the VR Dog shuts down, too light of a correction and the VR dog laughs at the trainer. Mistakes in timing and consistency result in an overloaded or underloaded VR Dog that does not respond to the training. Balanced dog training is the only scientifically proven successful way to train a dog.

We anticipate that the world's first Virtual Reality Dog Training Center will increase the level of learning of our students, prior to certification, by as much as 50%, allowing students to practice on their own 24/7 from anywhere in the world. This will allow our graduates to be even better dog trainers when they start their own businesses.

Phase 2 of the program is already underway with the addition of Foundation Dog® training modules for teaching a dog to protect, track, find specific odor, and perform off leash obedience. In addition, multi-player group classes will be launched allowing trainers to work together in the Top Tier K9 Virtual Realty Dog Training center using multiple VR dogs, creating additional conflict that our algorithms will respond to, just like in real life.

Business to consumer solutions include integration into our "Build a Battle Buddy" program for disabled veterans and first responders as well as our "K9Warriors for Women" program providing protection dogs to abused women. Pet training clients will also have access so they can practice rewards and corrections and perfect their leash management while certified Top Tier K9 Professional Trainers actually train their pets for them. Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC

Virtual Reality Dog Training Center™ is a trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC

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