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She Started at 18 Years Old

Bridget Weidner was 18 years old when she started the Top Tier K9 Pet Trainer program "live online" from her home in Aurora Colorado. She had no interest in going to a "traditional" college or university where the government was already trying to give refunds to students because of the failed experiment of "government run higher education" through a loan forgiveness admission of failure. Bridget wanted a real educational challenge that would result in helping her find her way into a future she desired, a future as a professional dog trainer and business owner.

She found her path, through the Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers and completed all levels of study including a 1 year internship, Pet and Foundation Dog® certifications and certification as a Master Dog Trainer in protection and service dog training. On February 3rd, 2023 Bridget Weidner signed the contract to open up her own Top Tier K9 franchise in her hometown of Aurora Colorado. Top Tier K9 - Aurora CO.

Everything Bridget needed was available for her studies at Top Tier K9. From start to finish with ongoing support and continuation training to become one of the top dog trainers in the country and most importantly, to fulfill her dreams of entrepreneurship and business development. Bridget's dad was right there beside her. Jamie Weidner allowed his daughter to jet off to North Florida to study dog training at 18 years old, about 6 months later he also took the Pet trainer program and came to Madison Florida to certify as a Professional pet trainer and together with Bridget, attacked the business development bootcamp to build their business plan. Jamie will be helping Bridget in sales and marketing support for the franchise.

Bridget took her dog "Koda" through the Foundation Dog® and Master programs and recently used Koda in a functional demonstration of tracking, scent detection, advanced obedience and protection in front of 125 US Army SERE professionals through the Top Tier K9 Special Security Dog program: A K9 development system for Law enforcement and US Military special operations and tactics programs.

Bridget has purchased another puppy through Top Tier K9's "Litters on the Ground" program and has entered into the Foundation Dog® Winter challenge pitting 12 Top Tier K9 trainers and 18 puppies from 3 litters against each other in the four functions of tracking, scent detection, advanced obedience and protection. Top Tier K9 offers students access to some of the top puppies in the world for our Foundation Dog® training program and franchisees have access to the program for ongoing development and creation of service dogs, protection dogs and special security dogs in their own protected territories. Her new puppy "Viper" is an offspring of B5/Ringo litter and is a perfect example of the Top Tier K9 breeding program. Bridget will be finishing out her internship through May of 2023, training service dogs and protection dogs, helping with the pet training program, assisting other students through mentorship and support and, because of her franchise acquisition, will be participating in the Top Tier K9 Teaching Techniques and Public Speaking masters program. There are several masters programs available to Franchisees in our continuing education program, including public speaking, advanced project management, business development, sales and marketing classes.

Bridget will turn 20 prior to fully launching her Top Tier K9 franchise June 1, 2023. She has accumulated no debt for her education and will have mad skills as a dog trainer and entrepreneur to lead a life most of her peers (and even her parents peers) will envy. A life of an entrepreneur, a capitalist...using her profits as she sees fit, paying it forward and cutting her own trail. Imagine at 20 years old knowing full well you will never answer to a "direct report" or be forced to get a jab, wear a mask, watch the clock tick backwards, or "do it for a paycheck". Welcome to "free will" Ms. Bridget Weidner, welcome to the American dream!!

It all starts with the Pet Trainer program and the next class begins March 23rd, 2023 with day and night options. Visit to sign up.

Top Tier K9 is a Trademark and Foundation Dog® is a Registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC


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