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September 14-16 in Nashville Tennessee

Join us at the K9-Cop Magazine conference and learn all about our Academy for Dog Trainers (rated #1 in the country) , our Trademarked Foundation Dogs®, our COVID-19 detection dogs and our newly launched K9 Virus Detection program.

We will also launch our new municipal leasing program at the conference allowing cities, counties, and states to lease multi-purpose K9 and obtain training and support directly from Top Tier K9 for low monthly fees. Imagine being able to deploy bomb dogs, COVID-19 detection dogs, patrol dogs, special security dogs for the same monthly payment as a car.

Jeff Minder will be speaking each night at the conference and will have a dedicated breakout session designed to teach you what it takes to train a Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® and deploy that dog to the benefit of your family, city, county or state.

Forgotten Coast K9 will be joining Top Tier K9 as we show the world the power of "Service Dogs that also protect" through our "Build or Buy a Battle Buddy" program. Tuesday night will be a fund raising party with country music stars at the Cabaña Taps at 1910 Belcourt ave. in Nashville starting at 7pm. You will NOT want to miss this amazing event.


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