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See the World's Greatest Dog Training Company

The “World’s Greatest!...” episode that features our recognition as the “World’s Greatest! Dog Training Company” is available for a couple of days right through your internet browser as opposed to needing direct TV, Cable, or Satellite to watch it.

Visit scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Episode 367”. You can watch the introduction and see what it is all about, presenting the world’s greatest people, companies, and destinations around the globe.

The Top Tier K9 segment begins at 14:30 minutes into episode 367.

This is only available for a few days and then it is behind their firewall where you can subscribe to see all the cool people, companies, and places that have been recognized as the “World’s Greatest!...” within their prospective industries. For close to 20 years they have been painstakingly researching, analyzing, verifying, and validating the world’s greatest and adding the winners to their network.

Proud to see Top Tier K9 added to what I see as a version of “Galt’s Gulch”. Those who know, know!

Visit to learn more and to become part of the world's greatest dog training company and own your future. (0% interest financing available for qualified franchisees)


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