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Protection Training for Dogs and their Owners

For far too long if a dog owner wanted to figure out how to turn his dog into a protection dog, his only option was through sports clubs. Purely positive trainers are clueless when it comes to training dogs to do anything but tricks for food, breeders are so far removed from the training of dogs that most rely primarily on youtube videos and the gossip centers that are the social media groups. Study materials only provide knowledge on subjects and protection training is serious business when it comes to improving a dogs performance and making the dog the best that it can be with a job of protecting the family.

Top Tier K9 is launching an Introduction to Protection Dogs training series designed to educate dog owners on the requirements of raising, training and maintaining a family protection dog. As one of the leaders in the breeding, training and sales of service dogs and protection dogs (and service dogs that also protect) Top Tier K9 is uniquely positioned to provide expert advise and professional training centers to assist people in training their protection dogs. It all starts with the education of the owner.

Wednesday, June 14th, 2023 we will be conducting a 1 hour presentation (Sign up for free zoom webinar) live online to outline our plan in releasing this training program and ensuring that you, the dog owner, have a chance to understand what it takes to not only train your dog in protection but to see the effort that it takes and demonstrations of the final products if you follow our training programs, protocols, techniques and methods and have access to one of our Florida Panhandle locations for the hands on portion of your training.

This summer will be the summer of protection seminars at Top Tier K9 corporate locations as a pilot phase to prepare the program for acceptance and release to our Level 2 franchise locations and the deployment of our mobile decoy and seminar teams in support of our franchisees. These locations are Madison Florida, Tallahassee Florida and Milton Florida.

By end of year 2023 Top Tier K9 will also be adding a decoy school to our Academy for Dog trainers. With the growth and success of our training programs across the nation, the acceptance of the Foundation Dog® training processes and the expansion of our programs through affiliates and our Franchise system, we see a huge bottleneck across the country for professional decoys/helpers specifically those trained to help train protection dogs for executives and families as opposed to law enforcement and sport (there is a HUGE difference). The demands on a family protection dog are very different than those placed on a law enforcement or sports dog and our school will prepare decoys for paying opportunities in the execution of their much needed skills.

Time are changing and people NEED to feel secure within their own homes. Demand for service dogs that also protect has never been greater and Top Tier K9 is the leader in the industry.


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