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Protect your home and family

America is in trouble. Her house is divided like never before. Chaos is brewing and crime is on the rise. Police are being defunded, mobs are ruling the streets, and it will not be long before they are knocking on the doors of our family members. Some are calling for more gun control, with the objective of disarming law abiding citizens so they become victims of the mob... so that they live in constant fear. A virus has people so enamored with masks, that they actually attack "non-mask" wearers. Idiocracy reigns in the media and the deep state. Control is their goal and fear is their weapon of choice. A quick refresher on Maslow's Hierarchy of needs will show you their game plan, and give you a counter to their playbook. They want to take away your sense of security, so that you rely only on them for your that you look to them for do anything. To be safe in your own home is the highest reward of our system. They are taking that away. Arming yourself with a Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog®, finished as a family or executive protection dog is your new tool to fight back, to take control of your own safety and security. That sense of security allows you to live free. To free your brain from worry, to know someone has your back while you and your kids sleep safely again.

There are numerous benefits to owning one of these amazing K9 and Top Tier K9 is one of the top dog training companies in the world. We can match you with the right protection dog and we train your entire family on how to care for and manage the dog. Contact us through or call at (850) 321-3253 to learn more about our program and to get the ball rolling on your new guardian angel.

  • Service dogs that also protect

  • Family/executive protection dogs

  • Police/military K9

  • COVID-19 detection

  • Bomb/explosive detection

  • Cancer detection

  • Narcotics detection

  • ...and so much more

Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC


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