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Opportunities At Every Level

Top Tier K9 is recognized as one of the top dog trainer schools in the world and each day we get bigger and better through our constant improvement approach to dog training. Because of our success and the recognition we receive, we have opportunities available for the right people, and you may be one of those people.

Internships at the school: You start in the kennels. Learning to manage and handle all kinds of dogs. We maintain an inventory of dogs that are used as training aids for our pet and foundation dog trainer programs. These are dogs selected specifically for their attitudes, dispositions, and behavioral challenges so that our students get to experience a wide range of challenges just like they will face in the real world. Interns become legends as they improve their dog handling skills with our pack. The best of the best in the industry cut their teeth as kennel technicians at Top Tier K9.

After several weeks of caring for the pack, you start training dogs based on your specific certification while you are taking the classes to obtain the next level of certifications. Our 1 year internship affords our interns the ability to complete every level of certification including Foundation Dog® trainer, and Master Trainer certifications in service dogs, protection dogs and special security dogs. You live on the campus, have access to the fishing ponds, training facilities, and lounge. These are positions only available after you complete the pet trainer certification allowing you to make well informed decisions and to give us a chance to evaluate your attitude, motivation, dedication and loyalty to the program.

Top Tier K9 Certified Pet Trainer jobs at our affiliate locations: We have been tasked with training hundreds of dog trainers for our affiliate locations across America. For the right trainers we can assist you in obtaining a position at one of our affiliated resorts as a Top Tier K9 Certified Pet Trainer. This is an ideal opportunity for a new trainer to gain industry experience without opening up their own business or their own Top Tier K9 franchise. Beautiful facilities across America dedicated to the principles of balanced dog training. These positions are only available once a trainer certifies as a Top Tier K9 Pet Trainer and is recommended by our instructor staff.

Pet and Foundation Dog® Trainer jobs at our Franchise locations: We are growing rapidly through our Franchise system, and Top Tier K9 Certified Locations can offer tremendous opportunities in both pet and Foundation Dog® Trainer positions as well as Master positions to train service dogs, protection dogs and special security dogs. Once again, these positions are only available to those who certify through our Academy for Dog Trainers. A great way to gain valuable experience as a decoy, a service dog trainer, a breeder, and more.

Partnerships to open a Franchise: We have support in opening up your own Top Tier K9 franchise. The franchise fee beginning May 1st is $39,500 and establishing your facilities can range from $15K to $80K depending on your current location/facilities There are investors interested in partnering with the right people to open Top Tier K9 Franchises. You must be at the top 5% of your class to have a shot at this opportunity. (you must qualify as a Franchise owner and that is described at )

Franchise opportunities all over the US for those who qualify: Those who have the skill and the capital, and qualify through our franchise system can open up their own Top Tier K9 certified location. This is a fantastic opportunity for existing businesses in the boarding and grooming arena who want to attach a "Powered by Top Tier K9" training package to their existing franchise/programs or who want to launch a stand alone Top Tier K9 training solution.

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