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Next Pet Trainer Class is May 5th, 2022

Our next Pet Trainer class starts May 5th and runs until June 21st, 2022. An onsite certification class will follow.

Top Tier K9 is recognized as one of the best dog trainer schools in the world, certifying students from many different countries and offering trainer programs in every discipline of the profession. We care about you, and your future as a dog trainer in a world that needs the companionship of dogs now more than ever.

Our graduates are some of the most successful dog trainers in the world. Winning titles in sport, training police and military K9, training service dogs for disabled veterans, training protection dogs for abused women, and running successful pet training businesses in close to 100 cities.

This class, starting May 5th, will include the introduction of the world's first Virtual Reality Dog Training Center where students will be able to work with a dog in a virtual reality setting before putting their training to work on a real dog. This program will greatly improve student comprehension and performance and the virtual reality dog training center will be there for our graduates to use with their own students when they certify with Top Tier K9.

We offer day and night classes. You can sign up at the class is only $2950 and you will learn to train pets for paying clients. See you on the high ground, both in reality and in the metaverse! (Use of the Virtual Reality system is optional for students, you are not required to purchase a VR headset but if you do, get an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset to access Top Tier K9 in the metaverse).

We are NOT a franchise. You will learn to be a great dog trainer and business person and can start your own business, using your own chosen name, and not tied to the success or failure of any franchise. Don't fall for the franchise gimmicks. Use that money to build your own business to satisfy the needs in your own community and keep your profits at home!

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