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We have some amazing things happening at Top Tier K9. As most of you know, we support living the American dream; Capitalism, the Constitution, rugged individualism and Christianity. We support individual rights over the collective. We believe our rights are God given, so man cannot take them away. We are charitable, but require skin in the game from those we help. We believe the best is yet to come and are working to lead the way for like thinking patriots. We invite you to join us.

Build a Battle Buddy: Puppies are being delivered to our students in the Forgotten Coast K9 sponsored "Build a Battle Buddy" program. Colorado and Missouri have disabled veterans in receipt of new puppies this week. We are extremely pleased about the project and commitments from new donors have solidified the next class for Forgotten Coast K9. If you or your charity want to get involved, please contact me directly Jeff Minder ,at (850) 321-3253. Buy a Battle Buddy: This class of students have proven that we needed an option for disabled veterans and first responders to be able to buy an affordable battle buddy when their disabilities make it impossible for them to train a new puppy as their service dog. Disabled veterans and first responders can now train as handlers and buy their own battle buddy, already trained as a service dog that also protects. The cost is shared between the disabled veteran/first responder, the charity and matched by Top Tier K9 making service dogs that also protect very affordable for our brothers and sisters who put it all on the line for us. The average service dog today is over $35,000.

Police lives matter!!! US Military lives matter!!! We will NEVER take a knee when our country is being honored during the playing of our national anthem and we will support no person or organization that takes that knee, in fact, we stand against those who dishonor our nation, our warriors...both in the military and serving our communities in law enforcement and first responder roles. God Bless America.

COVID-19 detection dogs: Our dogs are 92% - 96% accurate in finding COVID-19. Better than any lab tests. For $.27 a test (yep...27 cents), businesses who choose not to follow the vaccine mandate can test their employees weekly for a small fraction of the costs that would be paid to the same pharmaceutical companies who own the patents to the vaccinations...yep, they also own the patents to the tests that tell you if they want you to have COVID-19 or not. Use the dogs, bypass the political game that the virus is a part of. Foundation Dog Program: The Foundation Dog program is without peer. These dogs are ready to be finished as Police/military K9, service dogs, service dogs that also protect, virus detection dogs, family/executive protection dogs and so much more. Buy one, or come to the school and learn to train them for yourself or your dog training business.

Next Class is this Tuesday, October 5th. day and night options available. It all starts with the pet trainer program. Join the #1 dog trainer school in the world: Top Tier K9.


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