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Newly Certified Pet Trainers

Top Tier K9 is one of the top dog trainer schools in the world. When students become certified Pet Trainers they are also skilled in the art of starting and running their own businesses. The Top Tier K9 business boot camp is a world class business training program that ends with an executable business plan for each student that has been vetted, evaluated for risk, and ready to execute once the students return home.

As students work to complete the pet certification, they are also eligible to start on the Foundation Dog® Trainer program. Out of these 11 certified pet trainers, 8 are also enrolled in the Foundation Dog® trainer program. That program is where students learn to train a dog to track, find specific odor, protect and perform advanced obedience, creating a Foundation Dog® that becomes the students demo dog for their pet training business.

Foundation Dog® Trainer Certification is where the students prove they can follow the replicable training program that turns puppies into Foundation Dogs®. The masters programs then prepare the students to turn Foundation Dogs® into COVID-19 (virus) detection dogs, special security dogs, police K9, protection dogs and service dogs.

Each certification includes business development that assists students in adding their new skillset into a profit center for their businesses. Check out to learn more about our great programs and to enroll in the next pet trainer class that begins 10 August, 2021. Day and night options.


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