New Happenings with Service Dogs

Top Tier K9 will be featured during season 2 of "Unleashed - Dogs without Limits" for our work in the service dog industry, for our recognition as the #1 working dog trainer school in the country, and will be providing training tips to the audience through an ask the trainer segment that will be contained in every episode of season #2.

Watch season 1 episode 5 covering Top Tier K9 and our COVID-19 detection dogs

Watch Ollie North's interview of Jeff Minder, Founder of Top Tier K9

What does this mean for our hundreds of students and certified dog trainers across the world? It means they will be sought out for training by the anticipated 4.5million viewers of the show. We promote our students, our certified graduates and our affiliates with everything we do on a national and global level.

To Tier K9 created the "Build a Battle Buddy" program. Disabled veterans and first responders learn to train their own service dogs. This 30 week program provides all the professional instruction necessary for a student to receive a high level working line puppy, train the puppy as a Foundation Dog and then finish that puppy as the student's own service dog. Students from the July 2021 class, hosted by Forgotten Coast K9 will be at Top Tier K9 at the end of January to certify with their dogs and will be featured on the show.

Top Tier K9 created the "Buy a Battle Buddy" program for disabled veterans and first responders who are unable to train their own service dogs.