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More classes being offered

Due to high student demand, we are increasing our class sizes to 20 per class and will be doubling our course offerings beginning January 2021.

Top Tier K9 has been successfully using the internet for effective training programs for more than 7 years. Our unique offering utilizes the work of Dr. Benjamin Bloom and his cognitive taxonomy to develop our courseware and ensure that our students are actually learning; climbing that ladder of knowledge, comprehension, application and analysis levels of learning using a structure training approach combining the internet with the interstate ensuring that our school puts out some of the finest dog trainers and entrepreneurs in the country.

Our trademarked Foundation Dog® program is without peer. Our students learn to take young puppies and turn them into police K9, military k9, service dogs for people with severe disabilities, family and executive protection dogs and our newly created Special Security Dog (SSD) category that includes COVID-19 detection dogs.

We have the last class of 2020 beginning November 12th. It all starts with the Pet trainer class and you earn your way into the advanced training realm of Foundation Dogs. Pet trainer classes are live on-line each Tuesday and Thursday from 10-11:30am EST. You will learn to train pets, demonstrate that skill live on-line and then you can stat your Foundation Dog training and certification with a working line puppy. Top Tier K9 trained the worlds first COVID-19 detection dog, the process of training Foundation Dogs® is the magic to our success. Visit to sign up for the November class. Next class after that will be January 2021.


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