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Litters on the Ground

The B5/Ringo puppies are absolutely stellar! 10 of 10 puppies passed the tests to enter the Foundation Dog® training program. That is only the second time in 7 years that every puppy in a litter met all disposition, drive and temperament requirements of this program.

In addition, all 10 puppies will be trained by individual trainers who are either a Top Tier K9 franchisee or a current student in our Foundation Dog® trainer class.

In 2 weeks they will be joined by 6 Tokio/Mexx and 2 Sabi/Mexx puppies. These puppies are being integrated into the program via 4 students in the Foundation Dog® trainer program and staff.

This kicks off the 2023 winter competition of Foundation Dog® trainers and is the first Foundation Dog® Trainer class that was 100% satisfied through our "Litters on the Ground" program.

The "Litters on the Ground" program will now be the sole provider of puppies to Top Tier K9 students and franchisees who are training and finishing Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs®. This is a major part of our quality assurance program and will be the driving force of our nationwide protection dog/service dog reseller locations. Franchisees who successfully move to level 2 of their franchise business (certified Foundation Dog trainers) will be able to resell their Foundation Dogs® into this reseller network with Top Tier K9 Corporate managing the end user training and ongoing maintenance and support of the buyers. Stay tuned for updates. Visit to learn more.


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