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K9 Unit Implementation Services

Top Tier K9 now offers complete end-to-end K9 unit creation, implementation and support services for businesses and agencies that desire to deploy K9 teams within their organizations.

The demand for COVID-19 detection dogs and security dogs within organizations that have never experienced the deployment and management of highly trained K9s is exploding and has created a phenomenal business opportunity for Top Tier K9 to provide end-to-end K9 unit support.

The Top Tier K9 Special Security Program provides the resources for organizations to plan and integrate dogs within their existing operations. Using world class project management processes and with staff experience in almost every vertical market in the world, Top Tier K9 assists you in evaluating, planning, implementing, and supporting the integration of dogs into your organization. We also train the dogs, train your handlers or provide our handlers, and provide the ongoing training and support to ensure a rapid and effective return on your investment.

  • Covid-19 detection dogs

  • Bomb/explosives ordnance detection dogs

  • Narcotics detection dogs

  • Precious metals and mineral detection

  • Protection/apprehension Dogs

  • Staff/student Therapy and emotional support dogs

  • Tracking/Search & Rescue dogs

You can hire our teams, or we can assist you in creating your own teams and provide you the training and the dogs to be successful. We train the dogs, we train the trainers, we train the handlers and we train your employees/customers how to interact with the dogs. End to end support.

  • Security units: Don't just offer security personnel to your clients, offer K9 teams as well! We will teach you how and be your centralized K9 support unit.

  • Remote operations: use our dogs to test your remote employees for COVID-19 with near instant results, help them be protected with rapid mitigation of high risk viruses now and into the future.

  • High risk businesses: Sniff for weapons, bombs, narcotics, viruses; as employees, customers, and guests enter your facilities. keep your people safe and protect your property.

  • Government agencies: Get back to work with COVID-19 detection dogs that also provide emotional support for your employees.

  • Hospitals: You name the virus/threat and these dogs can be trained to find it. COVID-19, MRSA, Eboli...rapid screening of people/patients, visitors, and surfaces within your waiting rooms/ambulances.

  • Nursing homes: protect our elderly by using a COVID-19 detection dog for near instant results for visitors.

  • Schools and colleges: Check for deadly viruses, guns/bombs, or narcotics and let's open our schools safely.

  • Cities, Counties and States: We offer a new approach to dog and handler training that greatly increases quality control and assurance.

Contact Top Tier K9 and simply tell us what you need from K9 support and we can help you determine how best to implement a solution that creates the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) for you and your shareholders with minimal disruption to your current operations.


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