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July 10, 2021 Build a Battle Buddy

Forgotten Coast K9 will start their first service dog trainer class for qualified disabled veterans and first responders, on July 10th 2021. 7 lucky veterans will be selected from the pool of qualified candidates to learn how to train service dogs. Through this training program, the veteran will get a puppy and will train that puppy through Top Tier K9's Foundation Dog® trainer program. the puppy will learn advanced obedience, tracking, scent detection and protection.

Once Foundation Dog® training is complete, the veterans will travel with their new Battle Buddies to Madison Florida and be assisted by the staff of Forgotten Coast K9 in finishing their dogs as certified service dogs.

Total time is 30 weeks (28 weeks live online and 2 weeks on site) and in the end, the veteran will have trained his own service dog, and learned how to train service dogs for others. He can then take the optional dog trainer certification programs from Top Tier K9 as well as the business boot camp to learn to start and run his own dog training business.

Total program cost is $21,000. $5,000 paid by the actual veteran, $8K paid by Forgotten Coast K9, and $8K in match from Top Tier K9.

Eligibility includes all honorable discharges. (general under honorable conditions is an acceptable discharge for this program). Veteran must qualify through the host charity prior to entering the program. Let's train some dogs!!

To apply for the program visit

To Learn more about the program or get your charity involved in hosting their own class visit

Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC


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