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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Top Tier K9 now offers job placement assistance in the dog training industry. Certified Top Tier K9 Dog Trainers will have access to job opportunities through our franchise network as well as our national "Powered by Top Tier K9" dog training programs where employers are hiring Certified Top Tier K9 trainers.

Recognized as one of the Top dog trainer schools in the world, Top Tier K9 teaches you how to train pets for paying customers, how to train Foundation Dogs® to be finished as Police/Military K9, service dogs, protection dogs, and special security dogs including virus detection dogs. We teach you to start and run your own dog training business and for those who qualify, we help you launch a Top Tier K9 branded training business through our franchise system. Now, students can even get job placement assistance within our network of affiliates, franchises, and partner businesses across America.

Not everyone is ready to start their own business or launch their own franchise so we are offering assistance for our certified trainers in finding jobs as dog trainers: Top Tier K9: The Professional's Choice.

Visit and sign up for our next pet Trainer class beginning 12 January 2022!!!


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