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Growing and Improving

Please note we have a new phone number (850) 909-2409

As Top Tier K9 continues on our mission to empty shelters; yes, that is our absolute mission and why we are so focused and dedicated to constantly improving our Academy for Dog Trainers, we have reached another milestone: We are launching our next level Masters program for our Certified Foundation Dog® Trainers with an option for trainers to prove they have reached a Synthesis level of learning preparing them not only to train advanced working dogs but to add those services to their dog training businesses. In addition, our corporate systems are being deployed to offer a centralized, ongoing training and support program for the clients of our franchisees who reach this new level of certification as dog trainers.

We are developing our new seminar series that will include a mobile training system for our franchisees to offer advanced training in their communities. Our mobile units will provide marketing and advertising through our certified locations (franchisees) to offer one day and weekend seminars to assist owners with their dogs relative to obedience, advanced obedience, protection work, service dog demonstrations, health & nutrition and more. We have always desired to have a mobile decoy team to assist our franchisees with their own Foundation Dog® development as well as help in support of their clients efforts with their protection dogs. This new mobile seminar series will include the mobile decoy team as well as our Virtual Reality Dog Training Center with multiple preloaded VR headsets to introduce dog owners to our "certified location in the metaverse".

Franchisees will benefit from attracting larger crowds to their facilities (or a central public location depending on crowd size) and give their communities a chance to meet the team that is Top Tier K9, see that our organization is indeed the #1 option for dog training and dog trainer training solutions, and experience our amazing service dogs, protection dogs, scent detection dogs, special security dogs and more.

Our current Pet Trainer class has 25 students. 10 of those students have already moved into the Foundation Dog® trainer program and 4 of those students are going to launch their own Top Tier K9 Franchise. Our "Litters on the Ground" program produced 18 amazing puppies for use in this current class of Foundation Dog® Trainers and the entire program will be captured for a documentary and marketing package beginning next week by a professional production company that does work with Glock and Casio and will be adding Top Tier K9 to their professional portfolio.

We are working closely with industry heavy hitters (certified affiliates) in the pet boarding, daycare, grooming and veterinarian service arenas to help ensure their move into the world of dog training includes a "Certified by Top Tier K9" quality control solution and to expand our reseller locations for our certified Foundation Dogs®, service dogs, protection dogs and police K9 within 57 jurisdictions, expanding to 200 jurisdictions by end of year 2025. Our Franchisees who have moved into level 2 (Certified Foundation Dog® trainers) will be able to help train the Foundation Dogs® that will be finished for clients at Top Tier K9 Corporate until they individually certify at the Masters level and then they will be able to work directly with our affiliates to fulfill 100% of the orders and increasing demand for Top Tier K9 Finished Foundation Dogs®.

In a nutshell: We are growing, we are increasing the value of Top Tier K9 certifications, we are expanding the areas that can offer our working dogs to the public and to law enforcement, we are integrating with grooming, boarding, and veterinarian services to the benefit of pet owners, our Foundation Dog® owners, and our franchisees (Certified Locations), and we are getting out in public to demonstrate what we can produce (in realty and in virtual reality), 2023 is off to a great start!

Our next pet trainer class begins March 23rd, 2023, we run 5 classes per year with day and night options. It all starts with pet trainer, then Foundation Dog® Trainer, then Masters programs. You can opt to certify in pet and then Foundation Dog® trainer of you desire to launch your own dog training business or (if you are one of the best, if you qualify, and if you live in a jurisdiction we are willing to do business in) deploy a Top Tier K9 Franchise to help secure your future and the future of your family. Please note we have a new phone number (850) 909-2409


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