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Great Times During Pet Certification

11 Students made the journey to Madison Florida last Monday to begin their Top Tier K9 Pet certification. This class includes lawyers, IT professionals, customer service representatives, healthcare professionals, and even horse trainers.

Certification begins with a week long business boot camp. Top Tier K9 has a world class business development strategy, developed over 40 years, that combines business analysis, project management, entrepreneurial thinking to triple the odds of a startup business being successful. It is based on the American dream of owning your own business and working for yourself. Students then spend a week training multiple pets and working with customers. Scenario work rounds out the second week for customer service and relationship management. Most of our students attending this certification are also enrolled in our Foundation Dog® Trainer program and have brought their working line puppy to practice tracking, scent detection, protection and advanced obedience in the creation of their own Foundation Dog® finished as their personal demo dog for their businesses.

The students are having a ball! Building their executable business plans and getting ready to launch their own dog training businesses as soon as they get home. It is not just about being a great dog trainer. It is about being a great entrepreneur and have the backing of one of the best dog trainer schools on the planet. We help our students be successful and that is why Top Tier K9 is the Professional's choice.

Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC


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