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Franchisees only or continue Private Label access?

Your feedback in requested, needed.

Starting about a decade ago, Top Tier K9 took the dog industry by storm, becoming one of the top dog trainer schools in the world and the only school that provides an equal amount of business training and development to our students as the actual dog trainer technical skills our students learn. Our graduates are great dog trainers and great business professionals.

This summer, we launched the world's first virtual reality dog training center. Owner training has always been a huge challenge for dog trainers. Most dog trainers do GREAT with dogs and not so great with humans. So the VR system is used to train the owners of the dogs to effectively manage rewards and corrections on a virtual dog while the dog trainer is working with the actual dog. The increased ability for an owner to manage the dog AFTER it has been trained is obvious, and the client facetime for the trainer is cut in half while increasing quality. This month (August 2022) we completed all the legal requirements to franchise our pet training and working dog (Foundation Dog) training businesses. Franchisees can now open their own Top Tier K9 in a protected territory and receive all the dog trainer and business classes and certifications as part of their franchise license. The response has been..well...CRAZY. We are in negotiations for dozens (actually over 200) franchises in just this first 3 weeks. The challenge: Investors, banks, franchisees and business development experts who all want to help folks open their own dog training businesses are requesting that we stop offering "private label" dog trainer training and only support Top Tier K9 Franchisees moving forward. Meaning, make what is recognized as one of, if not the, best dog trainer school into a Top Tier K9 Franchisee training school only. That would mean the only people eligible to attend the school would be franchisees and their employees.

The franchise system is explained at

Our next Pet Trainer Class is September 8th with day and night options. This may be the very last class offered to the public if the decision to do "franchise only" is made and depending on feedback, this course may ONLY be available to franchisees and their employees. Thank you for your time and consideration. You can call me, email me, or respond to this email with your input. Jeff Minder, CEO Top Tier K9

2409 SW CR 360 Madison Fl 32340 (850) 321-3253


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