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Foundation Dog Expansion

We are pleased to announce the expansion of the Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® program.

Introduction to Foundation Dogs® is a new live-online class available to everyone who wants to learn how to train their own Foundation Dog®. The only prerequisite for the class is to be actively enrolled in pet trainer or recently completed the pet trainer class. The requirement for pet trainer class ensures that all students coming into the Introduction to Foundation Dogs® have an application level of learning for the command sequence, rewards, corrections and managing a dogs load prior to learning how to train a Foundation Dog®.

This new class, Introduction to Foundation Dogs®, is an academic level class designed to meet the requirements of a comprehensive level of learning as defined by Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy. That means no hands on training so no puppy is needed. The class is designed so that students can have a full, complete understanding of how to train dogs to track, find specific odor, perform protection work and be off leash obedient prior to actually making a 10-14 year commitment to a new puppy. The students can then take the Foundation Dog® Trainer class once they are ready to get a working line puppy. Foundation Dog® trainer classes will be scheduled in line with our "Litters on the Ground™" program so that students who have completed the Introduction to Foundation Dogs® have world-class puppies ready for them when they are ready to train.

We will conduct (5) "Introduction to Foundation Dogs®" classes each year and they will start at week 5 of the online pet trainer class so that students can transition into working dogs while they are performing their hands on training with pets. No puppies will be involved in the Introduction to Foundation Dogs® classes except through demonstration by staff, and students will be able to sit back and truly learn how to train a Foundation Dog A-Z before they commit to actually training/owning a new puppy. They can then take the Foundation Dog® Trainer class that will begin twice a year Live-online every Saturday for expert assistance in developing their puppies in tracking, scent detection, protection and advanced obedience. Once all requirements are met, the student can then bring their dogs to Madison Florida for Foundation Dog® Certification which will be a 10 day program including scenario work.

We are very excited about this new class. Ensuring that our students are well prepared before they make a commitment to owning and training a working dog is what this new class will provide. Visit to learn more.


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