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Expansion in the Metaverse

The newest release of Top Tier K9's Virtual Reality (VR) Dog Training Center has passed quality assurance testing and is ready for launch. Existing customers using Top Tier K9 in the metaverse get a free upgrade and simply need to accept the update through their Meta/Oculus headsets. These 6 trainers are the first dog trainers to be showcased in the metaverse and will be interacting with prospects and clients in the metaverse.

Enhancements: More sound and expressions from Obi, our VR e-dog. The experience of training Obi is now equipped with surround sound exploiting upgrades in the Meta headset.

The Learning Center: Practicing the command sequence using rewards and corrections is the application level of learning accomplished with the program. The original intent of the system was to assist our clients and the clients of our franchisees in practicing the leash management skills needed to maintain their dog when it returns from training at a Top Tier K9 balanced training center. The new addition of a learning center, or library, is a place where a student can sit down with a service dog at his side and learn at the knowledge and comprehension level prior to, or as a refresher for, using the hands on training center.

In the learning center a user can learn about the history of Top Tier K9 and it's rise to the top of the industry and get a glimpse into the world of dog training. This includes pet obedience as well as protection training, service dog training, and scent detection training. Students can learn why purely positive training is only a marketing scheme and how compulsion training is absolutely unnecessary in the training of dogs. Additionally, students can look through our catalogue of Foundation Dogs® that are available to them, find Top Tier K9 franchisees in their area, and immediately contact a trainer through the VR headset for support. Signing up for the next Top Tier K9 dog trainer class is a breeze through the Oculus/Meta headset.

Students get to learn what real bite development/protection training entails. They get to learn how handlers "cue" their dogs during scent detection to help them understand their 4th amendment rights at traffic stops (for instance) and can see how to ensure their peanut detection dog, diabetic alert dog, bomb detection dog etc...are trained to mitigate cuing in the field. Look for more Top Tier K9 innovations in the metaverse and on older technology platforms as well. See you on the high ground.


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