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Dogs as an Organizational Asset

Top Tier K9 is conducting an online seminar on December 17th at 12:30pm EST on the considerations and planning necessary to integrate Foundation Dogs into an organization's assets.

Top Tier K9 was the first in the world to train a dog to hunt for and indicate on the COVID-19 virus. Since then, Top Tier K9 has created a deployable solution for businesses, organizations and agencies to utilize K9 as a virus detection and mitigation platform to include testing kits, ongoing support, handler training and solution management.

Top Tier K9 also provides this support for bomb/explosive ordnance detection, facility security services, VIP security services, remote mining and manufacturing support, as well as solutions for schools, hospitals, prisons, universities, airports, bus stations/terminals, sport complexes, and large capacity venues such as arenas, churches and civic centers. Through our work we have discovered that the #1 constraint to maximizing acceptance and deployment of K9s outside of existing law enforcement and military operations is education and the comprehension of how to integrate these special K9 (Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs) into your organizations existing infrastructure, processes and as organizational assets. This seminar will be conducted by Jeff Minder Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) Master dog trainer, award winning entrepreneur and teacher, and owner of Top Tier K9. Live on-line!! Join us and take part in this presentation and QA process


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