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COVID-19 Detection Dog Handler Program

Our next Covid-19 Detection Dog Handler Program begins Wednesday February 17th. This program is exclusively for the handlers of dogs that have recently been purchased or leased from Top Tier K9.

Buyers choose the purchase or lease option, make the appropriate down payments, choose their handlers and then send their handlers through our live online handler training program. That is a six week program where the handlers learn how the Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs® are trained and finished as COVID-19 Detection Dogs. They learn how to manage the dogs, do safe and effective searches, maintain the health and nutrition of the dog as well as learn all about loading, rewards, corrections and commonly made handler errors. Handlers who pass the training are then invited to the Madison Florida campus to meet their dogs and begin their handler/team certification process. They live with and bond with their dog. they learn how to deploy the COVID-19 human test kits, how to read the dog for indications on live virus and the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emitted by a person who is symptomatic and walk by the dog or the dog is positioned in the wake of the VOC allowing the dog to identify people infected with COVID-19 in a crowd. The team is put through scenarios common to their missions and the handler receives expert training on managing the dogs safety and their own safety in areas where deadly viruses may exist. Instructors are experts at survival in nuclear, biological and chemical conditions, master dog trainers and certified instructors with Top Tier K9. Once the dog and handler certify, they are then ready to deploy in their areas of operation. This next group includes theme and sports parks/arenas, security firms deploying as subcontractors for venues, private individuals, and people in the utilities industry. Dogs are being deployed to several countries around the world and within the United States. Ongoing maintenance and support includes live on line and real time access to expert K9 troubleshooting and handler refresher training, adhoc inspections of the health and welfare of the dog and continued performance in indicating on the target odor. Top Tier K9 is the gold standard in the dog training industry and the first in the world to train a dog to hunt for and indicate on the COVID-19 virus. We train trainers, handlers, and owners through are Academy for Dog Trainers recognized as one of the top dog trainer schools in the country. To learn more visit

Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC


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