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Class Starts January 12th, 2023

The next Pet Trainer Class begins January 12th, 2023. There are day and night options. 10-11:30am EST is the day class and 6-7:30pm is the night class. These are live-online classes every Tuesday and Thursday for 8 weeks where you learn to train pets for paying customers. In this class you will train a pet through our web interface in front of your classmates and our professional staff after 4 weeks of intense training on how dogs think, how to read and communicate with dogs, how to effectively use rewards and corrections, and you can practice through our Virtual Reality (VR) system to become expert on the command sequence and effective rewards and corrections BEFORE you practice on a real dog.

If you pass the class, you will be invited to attend our Pet Trainer certification. This is a 2 week onsite program at our Madison Florida Campus and includes an intense business bootcamp and pet training lab where you will train many pets of different breeds and dispositions, learn to manage multiple dogs through a board and train system, and become expert on correction collars and reward systems for the dogs and their owners (seriously, dogs are much easier to train than their owners are and we teach you to train both)

Our next Foundation Dog® trainer class will begin February 1, 2023 and students enrolled in the January 12th Pet trainer class can start the Foundation Dog® Trainer class on the 1st of February. This is where you learn to build some of the finest working dogs in the world. tracking, scent detection, protection and advanced obedience. You can use your own working line puppy for the class or purchase one of our amazing puppies from our Litters on the Ground program that will be ready for you on January 27th, 2022. All Foundation Dog trainer classes are built around our Litters on the Ground program so that our students have access to world-class Malinois, Dutch Shepherd and German Shepherd puppies. We have 27 puppies available with 16 already spoken for. You MUST register in our January 12th Pet Trainer Class and Commit to the February 1st Foundation Dog® Trainer class to qualify for one of these future BEASTS.

Learn to train dogs, learn to train dog owners, learn to build world-class working dogs and most importantly: Learn to start and run your own dog training business and become your own boss!!! (We also offer franchise opportunities to the best of the best of our graduates). Job placement assistance, internship opportunities and more. Our Masters programs include service dogs, special security dogs, protection dogs and now a master in K9 Business Development. Top Tier K9: The Professionals Choice


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