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Buy a Battle Buddy

Top Tier K9 has now added the ability for disabled veterans and first responders to not only "Build a Battle Buddy" but now you can "Buy a Battle Buddy".


Our Build a Battle Buddy program is underway and it has been extremely well received. We will be traveling the country in a few weeks to deliver the puppies to our class participants as they learn to turn the puppies into Foundation Dogs® finished as their own service dogs that also protect.

Through this process, we have been contacted by several veterans who are unable to train dogs but want to still have a battle buddy that is trained as a Foundation Dog® and finished as their service dog. For this reason, we have added the "Buy a Battle Buddy" option to our program.

Disabled veterans and first responders can now buy a Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® and receive help in finishing that dog as their own service dog (that also protects). Charities will match the money necessary to purchase a Foundation Dog® dog. The out of pocket cost for the veteran or first responder is $8,500 and that includes the veteran or first responder receiving their owner training. Charities will add $6500 and Top Tier K9 will match all that money for a total value to the veteran of $30,000.


You now have 2 options 1. Build a battle buddy: Your cost is $5,000 + 30 weeks of time to learn how to train your own service dog

2. Buy a battle buddy: Your cost $8,500 + 8 weeks to learn to maintain your own service dog

Contact Jeff Minder @ (850) 321-3253 to learn more about our programs. Airborne all the way!!! Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC


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