Big Happenings at Top Tier K9

We have more programs, more employees, more class offerings and more facilities to expand into. I wanted to share the news with you and keep you up to date on our work.

COVID-19 Detection: With the national coverage of the success of our work training the worlds first dogs to hunt for

and indicate on COVID-19, we are pleased to see a world-wide acceptance and non-K9 based scientists begin to accept the fact that a dogs nose is STILL better than modern technology. Our K9 based science will now be a permanent part of the worlds efforts towards mitigating viruses that are natural or manmade for the foreseeable future. Top Tier K9 has developed processes, equipment, test systems and verification programs that will allow us to rapidly train and deploy hundreds (if not thousands) of dogs to confront the next pandemic...before it becomes a pandemic. Our Foundation Dogs® lead the way is scalable K9 platforms that can be modified rapidly to face new challenges while supporting current needs. (see the Oliver North interview about Top Tier K9 here) (see the Unleashed K9: Dogs without Limits - Television episode about Top Tier K9 here)

Municipality Leasing Program: Cities, counties and states can now lease Foundation Dogs finished as special security dogs, Police/Military K9, Virus detection dogs, Bomb dogs, Narcotics detection dogs, protection dogs etc... from Top Tier K9 under a monthly payment plan. No more large capital requirements that fall outside of an ever tightening budget. Now a unit can decide on hiring another officer, or using the same monthly projections to deploy 5-6 amazing Top Tier K9 instead. This program includes handler training, ongoing support and troubleshooting, and a trade in program that allows fresh dogs to be deployed while providing a retirement plan for existing dogs. Top Tier K9 can even provide your high level K9 management services for units that are unequipped or simply want to outsource that part of their current budgets.

Academy for Dog Trainers: While we were helping to confront the great pandemic, we expanded our Academy for