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Acquire/Deploy your own COVID-19 Detection Dog

Top Tier K9 is finishing Foundation Dogs as special security dogs. This finishing program includes COVID-19 detection dogs. Businesses and Government Agencies can acquire their own COVID-19 detection dogs from Top Tier K9 or contract with Top Tier K9 to deploy COVID-19 detection dogs.

Each dog can test 6 people per minute with up to 96% accuracy providing near instantaneous results. Each dog requires a certified handler and Top Tier K9 provides that handler training for your employees or can provide a certified handler for special events. The test system is included in the purchase of the dog including 500 test kits that can be replenished through Top Tier K9.

People get in line to enter your facility or venue. They are handed a swab to swipe the inside of their mouths. As they move to the test stations, they simply insert the swab into a receiving portal and the dog on the other side of the portal will indicate if the swab is contaminated with the COVID-19 virus. if infected, the person is directed to an area away from the crowd and directed to additional testing to validate the results.

Dogs require 10 molecules of COVID-19 to effectively alert of the presence of the virus, laboratory testing systems require 18,000,000 molecules. This allows the dogs to be a rapid testing/filtering system for large crowds and recurring testing of facilities and employees. In addition, the dogs provide comfort and a level of security for groups.

Contact Top Tier K9 and select your Foundation Dog from our inventory of Malinois, German Shepherd or British Labrador Retrievers. We then begin the finishing process for your dog and the handler training for your employee. Handler training is 5 weeks online at 8 hours per week followed by 2 weeks onsite at Top Tier K9 in Madison Florida for bonding and team certification. The handler learns to manage and deploy the dog and the test systems during this certification. Monthly maintenance and recertification is also provided for the handler(s) and the dog.

It is time to put the pandemic behind us with Top Tier K9 Special Security Dogs. Dogs can be upgraded with future virus' in as little as 2 weeks making your investment even more valuable. Foundation Dog is a US trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC To learn more, visit or call immediately (850) 321-3253 to have your dog ready for deployment in just 8 weeks.


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