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Top Tier K9 Covid-19 Detection Dogs Begin Their Airport Work

Top Tier K9 Covid-19 Detection Dogs will be deploying to airports across the globe. As part of the training the young puppies are exposed to environments they will be operating in as adult dogs.

Today, several of the Foundation Dogs® accompanied by Top Tier K9 staff and students deployed to the Valdosta Airport in Georgia for training within their operational environment..

In this video you will see a young, 6 month old puppy that has completed phase 3 of the Top tier K9 Foundation Dog® program, perform a hunt and an indication to odor in the corner of the airport, next to the baggage belt just as the siren is fired up and the belt begins to move. Watch the steadiness of the puppy and see how her hunt drive overcomes her first exposure, ever, in an airport.

We are traveling to additional airports and military facilities as the Foundation Dogs® earn their wings as Covid-19 Detection dogs. Top Tier K9 is partnered with some of the most influential individuals and businesses in the world developing solutions to the Covid-19 pandemic and building processes, relationships and requirements for future use of K9s in man-made and natural disasters. To learn from some of the very best trainers and instructors in the world visit and learn to train dogs.

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