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Learn From the Best While on Covid-19 House Arrest

Live on-line from the comfort of your own home. Learn to be a dog trainer while stuck at home during this Corona Virus shutdown. learn to train pets and Foundation Dogs®: real working dogs. Foundation Dogs® are now the standard for base working dogs. Dogs that can track, find specific odor, perform advanced obedience routines and bite the bad guy. At 8 months old these amazing dogs are ready to be finished as law enforcement K9, protection dogs, service dogs for people with disabilities and military K9.

Top Tier K9 created the training process and received US government recognition for our innovations through the award of the Foundation Dog® trademark. To be a great working dog trainer; a Certified Foundation Dog® trainer, you must start at the beginning and learn the basics of dog training: learn how to read dogs, motivate dogs, deal with owners and handlers, manage kennels and ensure the heath and safety of dogs. At Top Tier K9, we teach you those prerequisite skills in our Pet Trainer and Pet Trainer Certification programs. Once you learn the Pet Trainer skills, you can then dive into the world of Foundation Dogs®, the Top Tier K9 of the working dog world.

Tracking, scent detection, advanced obedience, and bite development round out the Foundation Dog® training. Following that success, you can get into our master programs that teach you how to turn you Foundation Dog® into a Law Enforcement K9, a Military K9, a Protection dog for an abused woman, a family or a business executive. You learn how to turn a Foundation Dog® into a service dog that also protects. These are the master programs at Top Tier K9.

You cannot learn to train a Foundation Dog® anywhere else in the world except for Top Tier K9. Our next Pet Trainer class starts April 9th and you can take our Foundation Dog Trainer Program concurrently, it begins April 22. Sign up for both classes on our home page at the best dog training in the world.

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