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Police, Military, Service and Protection K9 Opportunities

The borders are closed. Green dogs can not be imported but Foundation Dogs® are on American soil and ready to be matched to you or your handlers and finished for your mission.

Bred from the finest lines in the world, Top Tier K9 maintains an inventory of ready to finish Foundation Dogs®. All you need to do is choose the dog with the right disposition for your mission and we help you finish the dog by exposing him/her to your mission scenarios. That process takes around 8 weeks with the majority of that time being live on-line with Top Tier K9 certified Instructors saving you and your unit time and expenses.

A Foundation Dog® can already track and indicate on articles, find and indicate on specific odors, target and bite the bad guy, and work off leash. We train your handler to exploit the training the Foundation Dog® has already experienced allowing for an amazing bonding opportunity that does not require alpha rolling, severe corrections, or a boot camp like environment. A Foundation Dog® wants to work for you, all you need to do is understand how to pay him for that work and expose him to your mission requirements.

We have Foundation Dogs® ranging in age from 5 months old to 3 years old. Our 5 month old Foundation Dogs just completed phase 3 of the Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® program and are ready to be matched to their handler for finishing work as a Police K9, Military K9, Service Dog for someone with disabilities, or as an executive or family protection dog.

We have 25 Belgian Malinois, 2 GSDs and 7 British labs certified as Foundation Dogs and ready for you. The lines include Foundation Stock from the Netherlands provided by Odette Beek and Martin Kreeft (Kennel CUJA), and Dick and Selena VanLeeuwen. Odette Beek has the distinction of being one of the first female dog handlers in Holland as well as the only female Police Dog Trial Judge.

Our British Labs come from the Kennels of Carolyn Cabot of Great Lakes K9 Solutions in North America. Carolyn is well respected throughout the country as a breeder and trainer.

We have new puppies on the ground now as well and we prepare approximately 30 Foundation Dogs per quarter for deployment. That's 120 dogs a year ready for military, law enforcement, security services, search & rescue, sport, and protection.

We start the training at 6 weeks old and by 20 weeks old our "puppies" are on track to be super dogs. 50 training elements are used to roll up into 4 specific functions of Tracking, Odor Detection, Protection/Apprehension and off leash obedience.

Top Tier K9 is recognized as one of the top dog trainer schools in the country and has been identified by the US Trademark and Patent office as the inventor of Foundation Dogs® and is a Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. Contact us through and get ready to select, finish and deploy some of the finest K9s on the planet, Top Tier K9.

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