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Top Tier K9 Expands to Tallahassee

On Friday March 6th 2020, Top Tier K9 held a grand opening of our newest facility in downtown Tallahassee Florida. A beautiful facility equipped with a training center, grooming area, and 2 separate boarding areas in a 4500 Sq Ft two story concrete structure.

Hospital level air purifiers clean, filter and circulate the air within the facility 5 times a day and the facility is equipped with state of the art security systems that help ensure the safety and health of the dogs entrusted to our care. Fully licensed and insured.

Located at 1355 East Lafayette St. in Tallahassee Florida, we are across the street from the Governors Square Mall for easy access for our clients. Basic obedience for pet as well as our industry leading "Pets Plus" program allows us to offer Tallahassee the absolute best and most complete board and train program anywhere in the country. Top Tier K9 has one of the top dog trainer schools in the world. We train dog trainers to use a balanced approach to dog training and to start and run their dog training businesses. We apply those same principles to our own facilities throughout the country. Look for certified by Top Tier K9 logos on all of our graduates websites. They earn those certifications and you can trust they will do a great job for you and your K9. Top Tier K9 is recognized by the United States Trademark and Patent Office as the inventor of the industry leading Foundation Dog® system. A world class process of taking working line puppies and preparing them for deployment to law enforcement, military units, as protection dogs for families and individuals, and as service dogs for people with severe disabilities. Our Foundation Dog® training facility is located just 40 miles east of Tallahassee in Madison County on I-10.

For any and all of your dog training needs simply visit and let us know how we can help you and your K9 companion. Basic obedience, problem dogs, advanced obedience, service dogs, police and military K9, protection dogs, and even a school that trains you how to be a dog trainer. We will be offering free seminars in the Tallahassee market so look for the Top Tier K9 logo on our trailers and shuttle buses.

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