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Official US Patent and Trademark Notification

Top Tier K9 invented the term Foundation Dog®. It is used to describe a dog trained to very specific levels of capability. A Foundation Dog® is selected as a 4-5 week old puppy and then trained through a 12 week program on 50 elements that roll up into 4 functions: tracking, scent detection, protection/apprehension and advanced obedience. A Foundation Dog® is ready for finishing school as a Police K9, Military k9, Service Dog, Sport Dog, Security Dog...ready to be exposed to mission critical scenarios and specific theaters of operations. A Foundation Dog can usually be deployed within 8 weeks of acquisition and that includes handler training and transitioning the dog to the new pack. Here is our official communication received from the US patent and Trademark office.

Learn to train Foundation Dogs at Top Tier K9 or buy a Foundation Dog for your department today! Visit to learn more.

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