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7 Newly Certified Dog Trainers

The next Top Tier K9 Pet Training Class begins March 17, 2020. Learn to train pets, face to face, in our on-line classroom. Following successful completion of this class, you travel to Madison Florida where you will learn to start and run your own dog training business, and spend time applying what you learned to certify as a pet trainer. 4 of the students below successfully certified as Pet Trainers this week and the other 3 successfully certified as Foundation Dog® Trainers.

Our newest Certified Pet Trainers entered the Top tier K9 Foundation Dog® Trainer program where they will learn to teach dogs how to track, protect and apprehend, find specific odors and perform off leash obedience. Once certified, they can add the new standard of Foundation Dog® training to their dog training businesses and enter our Finishing programs to learn to turn Foundation Dogs® into police/military K9, service dogs for people with severe disabilities, protection dogs and even sports dogs. This is where the trainers become certified Master Dog trainers.

We currently have 13 students in our classes for pet and Foundation Dog training and will start our next round of classes March 17th, 2020. You can sign up here .

Look to Top tier K9 certified trainers in your area for pet and working dog training. The list of certified trainers are here.

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