6 New British Lab Pups

6 new British Lab puppies entered phase 1 of the Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® training program on December 2, 2019, they are currently 7 weeks old. This is the absolute best time to begin training working dogs. It is a major mistake to wait until dogs are older (green dogs) before training them. The first 16-21 weeks of a dogs life is the most important time to train.

These puppies will be prepared for any task required of them once they certify as a Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog®. This is an intense 14 week training program that trains the puppy on 50 specific elements that are used to prepare the dog for 4 basic functions: Tracking, Specific Odor Detection, Advanced Obedience, Protection/Apprehension.

These puppies will be trained as world class scent detection dogs and will be prepared for military and law enforcement duties. If you are looking for floppy eared bomb dogs...here ya go! To Learn more about the Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® program visit www.TopTierK9.com

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