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New Top Tier K9 Class Offerings

Pet Trainer Program

October 24, 2019 starts the next Pet Trainer Class. Learn to train pets for other people. This class is followed by an opportunity to certify where you will also attend our business bootcamp and learn how to start and run your own dog training business.

Register here there are 3 seats left:

January 7, 2020 will be the next opportunity for the Pet Trainer Class

Register here, there is 1 seat left: Pet Trainer Certification

November 4, 2019 is our next Pet Trainer Certification for graduates of our Pet Trainer Program. This certification begins with a 1 week business bootcamp where you will learn how to start and run your own dog training business. The business bootcamp covers project management, business analysis, and developing the mindset of an entrepreneur flowed by a week of pet training, client evaluations and presentations and exposure to multiple Top Tier K9 pet training facilities to help you fully grasp the opportunities in starting, running and growing your own pet training business. Register Here:

Foundation Dog® Trainer Program

January 8, 2020 begins the next Foundation Dog Trainer Program: Learn to train puppies in the art of tracking, off-leash obedience, protection/apprehension and specific odor detection. You are required to have a working line puppy within 3 weeks of starting this 14 week course. We will have approximately 20 high drive Malinois and Dutch Shepherds, several labs and German Shepherd puppies available for student purchase. You can obtain and working line puppy, you do NOT have to buy one of ours. If you DO buy one of ours, and successfully complete the program, we will make an offer to buy back your completed Foundation Dog, \greatly reducing the cost of your education at Top Tier K9. No other working dog school provides this level of student support, the others don't even try. You MUST be in the Top Tier K9 Pet trainer program or a graduate of the Pet Trainer program to be eligible to enter the Foundation Dog Trainer Program. Check with for waiver opportunities for highly skilled trainers.

Register here:

Masters Program: Service Dog Trainer

February 19, 2020 will be our next Service Dog Trainer Program. You MUST be a certified Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog Trainer to participate in this program. You will learn how to turn a Foundation Dog into an amazing Service Dog for people with severe disabilities. This 10 week class focuses heavily on dealing with people with disabilities, determining the actual needs relative to preparing a Foundation Dog for deployment as a "Service Dog that also protects" with deep study of the Americans with disabilities act, as well as state and local jurisdiction legal requirements for service dogs and their owners.. Top Tier K9 is the only company that trains service dogs to also protect their owners. We teach you how to do the same. Protection is not a requirement when deploying a service dog, but is an option you will learn to add if needed.

Register Here:

Safe Catch Decoy Camp

December 7-14, 2019 is our next Safe Catch Decoy Camp: There are no prerequisites for this program. Designed to prepare the decoy/helper to safely take bites and develop bite and prey drive of puppies and green dogs. Many trainers have no access to good decoys. Many sport clubs have limited access to safe decoys. A Top Tier K9 Certified Safe Catch Decoy is a valuable addition to your dog trainer community. Not a sport specific program, graduates will be able to assist in any/all sports because they will learn ow to safely catch and improve a dogs ability as a protection and/or apprehension K9.

Register here:

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