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Top Tier K9: A Leader in the Service Dog Industry

Top Tier K9 is receiving recognition for their work in the service dog industry for producing service dogs that also provide protection to the owner, his home and his family. These professionally trained service dogs are one of the outputs of the Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog program.

Top Tier K9 provides all of the human and dog training as well as the breeding and on-going support required to make their service dog program the best in the nation.

Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs are built from the ground up using world class project management processes and proprietary dog training methods that produce multi-purpose dogs that begin their training at 6 weeks old and are ready to enter the finishing programs for mission specific scenario training at 10 months old.

These Foundation Dogs are then finished as service dogs for disabled veterans, police K9, military K9, sports dogs, hunting dogs, family and executive protection dogs. The finishing programs are executed once the Foundation Dog is selected and acquired by it's owner and the training plans are created for the dog and the new owner.

Foundation Dogs are finished by master dog trainers while the owner is being trained by certified instructors to handle, manage and maintain the training of the dog for ongoing success. The average time for completing finishing programs is 8 weeks from the time of dog acquisition

Top Tier K9 has a professional school that trains the owners and handlers so the dog can be successfully deployed to fulfill its mission. They even train dog trainers from around the world and assist them in starting their own dog training businesses. The online school is also used for monthly support of service dog owners and their families to help handle refresher training and deal with any issues that may arise. Top Tier K9 also provides legal services to the owners of their service dogs in support of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in helping veterans deal with any challenges they may have relative to fair housing and business access for themselves and their Top Tier K9 service dogs.

To learn more about the recognition and the Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog and Service Dog finishing program visit

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