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Big Red Selected as Service Dog

Big Red, son of Sniper, has been selected as a service dog by a disabled veteran of the United States Navy.

Big Red is a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix and is a phase 4 Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog. That means Red has made it through the entire imprinting and forecasting program and passed with flying colors.

Big Red will be going to his new home in Columbia South Carolina next weekend where he will protect and serve a disabled Navy veteran. Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs are prepared for any deployment. Military, Police K9, Sport, Search & Rescue, cadaver recovery. Buyers are matched with Phase 3 dogs that have the desired disposition and capability, then the final phase of training (phase 4) is conducted which includes owner bonding and owner training as well as specific scenario exposure reflective of the missions and environments the Foundation Dog will deploy to. The average turn around time from purchase to taking a service dog home is 8 weeks at Top tier K9. Visit to see other phase 3 Foundation Dogs that are ready to serve you. we are constantly breeding, buying and training new puppies in the program as well as conducting training for our students on how to become dog trainers and how to start and run their own businesses in our Academy for Dog Trainers.

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