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Ziva Bonds with Samuel

Samuel is 18 months old and suffers a serious and rare heart disease. As part of his journey, Samuel has to deal with several symptoms and side effects that make day to day life more difficult. Mom and dad struggle to get a good night's sleep and every day presents more challenges.

Samuel's mom looked far and wide for a service dog to help alert to seizures and to be able to be "modified" for new and future symptoms not yet discovered. No service dog company would help her and her family. She was told by one company that it would cost $50,000 and would be a 10 year wait. She was told by all other companies that they could not train a service dog for an 18 month old. She discovered that the average price of a service dog was $25,000 and the average wait time was 5 years...but none of them could help Samuel. Then mom found Top Tier K9. Within 2 weeks from the first phone conversation, Samuel and his family were at the Top Tier K9 training facility in Madison Florida. The next week a Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® was selected and fast forward 4 weeks later the dog is almost ready to go home and provide the necessary services to the family at 1/2 the cost of the national average. ""My experience at Top Tier K9 has been phenomenal. Having a service dog will make our lives much better. Ziva and Samuel are already looking like partners in crime. We could not be more satisfied." - Kristen Nicole Leverett

How we do it: Top Tier K9 is constantly training Foundation Dogs®. It is a process where the proper puppies are selected and entered into a 12 week intense imprinting and training program. During the process, puppies are "forecasted" as to their best service to man and are then entered into their long term development programs that consist of Police/Military K9, Executive/Family Protection Dogs, Service Dogs, or the category of "Other" which includes sport, search and rescue, and pets plus. All Foundation Dogs® are trained on 50+ elements that roll up into 4 functional areas and allow for unlimited features to be added in the future by stringing together elements and functions that exist in the dogs brain and muscle memory due to the intense training program. A consistent communication and training process results in amazing dogs that can be prepared for almost any mission.... in weeks...and modified later in life for new challenges.

Top Tier K9 maintains approximately 30-50 Foundation Dogs® available for purchase and can ramp up production quickly with our Academy for Dog trainers and our certified trainers and affiliates across North America. Our goal is to produce 2400 Foundation Dogs® per year to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving K9 market. We train the dogs and we train the dog's owners. The resulting "team" is ready to confront their missions successfully. Visit to learn more.

Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9 LLC all rights reserved

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