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Dusty Bonds with His New Family

Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® "Dusty" begins the process of bonding with his new family while he is being finished as a service dog that also protects.

Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs® are trained on 50 specific elements in support of 4 functions. These functions are; Tracking, Scent Detection, Protection, and Advanced Obedience. Combining the elements and functions, the dogs can be easily trained on hundreds of additional features for future needs of the owner.

For instance. Dusty is a service dog that will also protects the owner and family. The current medical service does not involve scent detection. In the future, if someone in the family becomes diabetic (as an example) Dusty can be trained to indicate on the high/low blood sugar in less than 8 weeks. He can track a lost child and even be entered in sports as a competition dog or used to search an area for drugs or explosives.

Puppies start the program around 8 weeks old and by 8 months old they are ready to be finished as Police K9, Military K9, Service Dogs, Sport Dogs, and other specialty K9. The finishing process involves the training of the buyer (family) to comprehend the training the dogs have already received and to then focus on exposing the dog to the scenarios germane to their new missions. Top Tier K9 uses only certified dog trainers and certified teachers/instructors for our programs. We focus just as much on training the owners as we do the dogs and we are the Gold standard for each venue.

Some of the benefits of owning a Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® include: Speed of deployment: A Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® can be deployed for most missions within 8 weeks of acquisition. No more waiting for 3-5 years for a service dog, no more buying green dogs and working them for months to get them street ready.

Consistency in training: We have developed a replicable process for training dogs and their owners that greatly improve the quality of the relationship. Our affiliates and certified trainers across the country can quickly help the buyers with any needs as they are trained and certified in training Foundation Dogs and supporting the end users.

Adaptability: Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs® are ready for almost any mission. They are not "one off" trained but trained in a foundation of skills and abilities that can be tweaked to satisfy almost any need.

Bonding without conflict: Often "green dogs" without foundation training are acquired and partnered with a handler who is not a trainer. Conflict during training creates a horrible environment for the dog, and the handler often resulting in damage to the dog, even death. The first 20 weeks of a dogs life is the most critical for training, and Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs can even help the handler learn, they are easy to work with and already capable of performing the majority of tasks required of them. Easy modification for new tasks: Using the 50 elements and 4 functions already trained and imprinted in the Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs®, it is easy to modify the skill set in the future. Our Academy for dog trainers includes courses on modifying Foundation Dogs® allowing for easy modification of the core capabilities of the dog any time in the future.

Transferable to new handlers: Because of the replicable and consistent training processes developed by Top Tier K9, our Foundation Dogs® can be easily transferred between handlers with minimal time and effort. Handlers no longer need to "Alpha Roll" their dogs, Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs® work to please their handler and do not need to be submitted by unskilled trainers or handlers. We usually have between 20-30 Foundation Dogs® ready to be finished and deployed. Our nationwide affiliate program allows us to ramp up to support hundreds, even thousands of dogs per year in support of people with disabilities, the military and our allies, police and sheriff departments across the country and government agencies through our service disabled veteran owned small business set aside contract.

Visit to see the available Foundation Dogs® and learn more about our dogs, school, and programs. Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC

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