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New Classes Beginning January 2019

January 7th, 2019 - Live On-Campus Program begins January 15th, 2019 - Live On-Line program begins

Start your new year off right, dedicate yourself to achieving the real American dream of being you own boss and running your own business. Take your passion for dogs and turn it into a profitable, home based business, then grow it organically to be as big and profitable as you want it to be. Top Tier K9 is the only dog trainer school that teaches you the foundation of business development and project management allowing you to successful plan and launch your own dog training business. We are not a franchise, you own your business's yours...and you don't have to deal with some corporation that forces you to train dogs their way. You run your business as you see fit, that is what entrepreneurs do.

Not only do we teach you about business and developing an entrepreneurial mindset, we teach you the most effective and efficient ways to train dogs for other people. Pets, working dogs, service dogs, as well as super dogs, known as Foundation Dogs®

All of our programs can be attended Live On-Campus (Madison Florida) or Live On-Line (anywhere in the world). All certifications are conducted Live On-Campus.

Pet Training Program: learn to train pets and to start your own pet training business.

Duration Live On-Campus 6 weeks: Next class begins 7 January, 2019 or...Live On-line (with up to 2 weeks on-campus) 17 weeks: Next class begins January 15, 2019

After you certify as a Pet Trainer, you can begin the working dog program. These classes are also offered Live On-Line and Live On Campus. These classes begin 1 week after Pet training classes end (On Campus and On-Line)

Working Dog Training Program: Learn to train working dogs in protection, scent detection, tracking and advanced obedience. learn to train a Foundation Dog with all the core capabilities to meet Law enforcement, Military, Executive Protection, and Sporting Dog needs.


Live On-Campus 10 weeks Live On-Line 22 weeks (2 weeks on-campus)

Prerequisite: Certified Pet trainer

Service Dog Training Program: learn to take a Foundation Dog® and turn it into a service dog for people with disabilities. This certification will soon be highly sought after as demand increases for Foundation Dogs® . You will also learn to train any dog, not just Foundation Dogs® to be of service to people with disabilities.

Duration Live On-Campus 8 weeks Live On-Line 18 weeks (with 2 weeks on Campus) Prerequisite: Certified Pet trainer, Certified Working Dog and Certified Affiliate

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