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Safer in Guatemala

His coffee plantation was his retirement dream. The lush soil of Guatemala gave Manfred Kohl the opportunity to live a more peaceful life, away from the hustle and bustle of Detroit where he once built the models of future cars for Ford Motor Company. He acquired property with an address associated with latitude and longitude coordinates on a map, no listed address, and went to work on his retirement dream.

Manfred added an Air BnB to his portfolio. He provided rooms for vacationers to help them enjoy his plantation and surrounding lakes and mountains. He loved working on his property, helping the locals, and living a green life while maturing his organically grown coffee.

One day as Manfred was relaxing on his plantation, he looked up and out of no where appeared a group of men with machetes, clubs and guns. Manfred became a victim of a strong armed robbery and the machete wounds to his head, arms, and body still haunt him to this day. Struggling to figure out how to turn his new emotional hell back into his peaceful dream retirement camp, Manfred reached out to Top Tier K9 for help.

Manfred fell in love with Gideon when he first saw his picture on the website. A Foundation Dog® developed by Top Tier K9 in their puppy imprinting and forecasting program. Gideon is a 15 month old Belgian Malinois bred by Certified Top Tier K9 Affiliate Chad Miller of Miller RanchK-9 in Alberta, Canada, and trained by Master Dog Trainer Jeff Minder Founder of Top Tier K9 in Madison, Florida with the help of Alexa White of Meraki K9, Certified Top Tier K9 Affiliate in Michigan, and Jim Hayes Top Tier K9 Certified Safe Catch Decoy of Thomasville GA.

Manfred got on a plane and flew to Madison, Florida where he met Gideon and spent the next week learning how to manage his new dog. Top Tier K9 ensured Gideon was transitioned to be his service dog, his protection dog, and his new best friend. Top Tier K9 helped complete all the required paperwork to fly Gideon with him back to his plantation, ensuring the health and welfare of Gideon was spot on.

Gideon and Manfred quickly bonded, learned to trust each other, went for walks and practiced obedience and protection. Everyday their bond continued to improve and the trip home to Guatemala is underway. We look forward to helping Manfred and Gideon with any training issues through our on-line classroom and are giving a fair warning to the machete wielding bad guys that many of us are no longer going to be victims. We are taking our security into our own hands. Copyright© 2018, Top Tier K9 all rights reserved. Foundation Dog® is a Registered Trademark of Top Tier K9. Contact Top Tier K9 at

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