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January 7, 2019: Next On-Campus Program

January 7th, 2019 is the beginning of our next On-Campus program at Top Tier K9's madison Florida Campus.

We start the program by focusing on business and project management training for our students. You learn to start and run your own business, develop an entrepreneurial mindset, learn the value of time, cost and quality management. You will work on your presentation skills and develop your initial business plan.

Next you will learn how to train pets for paying clients. You will learn a balanced approach to dog training that teaches you how to train dogs for other people using a method that is transferable to the owner.

You will have 2 weeks at the end of this training period in which to certify as a pet trainer and finalize your business plans. Once you certify, You can head home to open your new business, or opt to stay for our Working Dog Trainer Program. A new puppy will be acquired by you within the first 3 weeks of the working dog trainer program. Top Tier K9 and our certified affiliates have breeding programs all over the country and breed most working/herding dog lines. You can obtain your puppy from a certified affiliate or from any reputable breeder you desire to begin learning how to apply a foundation of training and imprinting to your working dog. 10 weeks of intense training on tracking, protection, scent detection and advanced obedience make up the working dog trainer program. You will learn how to apply a replicable process to working dog training allowing you to train foundation dogs as part of your business offering for law enforcement, military, executive protection, hunting dogs, service dogs for the disabled, sports dogs (IPO, AKC, PSA etc...) and more. During this time you will work with dozens of working dogs and puppies to help you fine tune your skills. We will also have an additional week of advanced business development and project management training allowing you to update your business plans for your working dog offerings. A 2 week window is then available for your working dog trainer certification. You can head home to open your new business at this time, or opt to stay for our Service Dog Trainer Program.

6 weeks of Service Dog Training uses what you have learned in Pet and Working Dog training and teaches you how to deal with the challenges associated with training dogs for people with severe disabilities. Top Tier K9 is one of the only Dog trainer Schools that trains service dogs that also protect their owners. This requires the highest levels of dog and owner training, adding to the level of quality required to pass this program.

You then have a window of 2 weeks in which to certify as a Service Dog Trainer. Visit to learn more about our trainer programs, dog training services and dogs for sale.

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