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Scent Detection Support System

Top Tier K9 provides foundation dogs for government and non-government uses. Our Scent Detection Support System is an amazing program for dog trainers and business professionals who want to deploy scent detection dogs within their own communities, businesses, and schools. Top Tier K9 provides the dogs, the training, the handler training, and the on-going maintenance, certification and support to ensure the team does effective searches of areas where the target odor is suspected.

Uzi finding narcotics in a mechanics shop

These searches can be for any specific odor:

  • Narcotics

  • Explosives

  • Electronic Devices

  • Bed Bugs

You don't need to know anything about dogs! We teach you everything you need to know and during your training, we match you up with one of our exceptional K9s that are already trained and ready to deploy on the specific odor you select.

If you desire to open up your own business, using amazing narcotics detection dogs, bomb detection dogs, trackers, or even dogs for search & rescue... give us a call at (850) 321-3253.

We train you as a K9 handler, we then match you with a dog that performs WITH you as a team. You can then add this service to your existing dog training/ boarding programs, security services, Law Enforcement programs, school resource officer program, or Even as a special PTA program.

Certified Top Tier K9 dogs and training programs

Top Tier K9, LLC

2409 SW CR 360

Madison Fl. 32340

(850) 321-3253

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