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New On-Campus Dog Trainer Programs Available

Top Tier K9 has one of the top "live on-line" dog trainer programs in the country and is the only dog trainer school to offer advanced project management and business development training to our students, helping them become successful entrepreneurs.

Pet training, working dog training, service dog training and safe catch decoy certifications help our students achieve their dreams as dog trainers and our business program is the only one of it's kind in the dog training industry making Top Tier K9 the educational choice of professionals who desire to become dog trainers and start their own businesses.

Beginning October 1, 2018; students can attend all of our classes and achieve their certifications "Live On-Campus" at our Madison Florida headquarters.

Week 1 is an intense project management and business development workshop where our students will learn to manage the scope, time, and costs of their business needs. They will learn to manage their energy, prioritize their needs, communicate with their stakeholders and manage the quality of their products and services they plan to make available to their customers. The week ends with the completion of their individual business plans.

Week 2-7 is the pet trainer and certification program. Students will learn to train pets for paying customers. They will learn to manage client expectations and to care for and train pets of all breeds. Business plans will be updated based on new ideas and the practical application of managing the training of dogs and inspiring the customers to carry on with the techniques and methods learned at Top Tier K9. Training collateral is made available for students to use when they return home to open their own dog training businesses.

Week 8 - 18 is the working dog training and certification program. Students learn to add working dog training to their business plans and comprehend how to integrate and sell these services into their own community. Students learn to imprint foundation dogs, these are puppies that are imprinted to track, provide protection, perform advanced obedience, and conduct scent detection. Students learn a replicable process so that puppies can be imprinted through their own businesses for decades to come.

Week 19-24 is the service dog training and certification program. Foundation dogs become military and law enforcement K9, sports dogs for IPO, AKC and other games enjoyable to them and their owners. They also become service dogs for people with disabilities. This program allows the students to learn how to design the proper scope of a service dog based on the owners disabilities, and to train that service dog to meet those needs.

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