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Top Tier K9 and Bass Pro Shops

Service Dogs That Also Protect

Doggy Days at Bass Pro Shops of Tallahassee and Gainesville Florida featured live demonstrations of pet training programs to include obedience, advanced obedience, off leash training, protection, scent detection and service for the disabled all provided by Top Tier K9 out of our Madison Florida educational facility.

Brian Minder controls his dog off leash during a demonstration of a service dog that also protects him from attack with Jim hayes as our certified decoy. As a quadriplegic, Brian's dog performs services such as medical and safety device retrieval which qualifies the dog as a service dog. The dog is also trained in advanced obedience and protection. He can also track a bad guy up to 8 hours after an incident and bring the bad guy to his knees.

We start with select puppies and train them through our one of a kind, 4 phase, 12 week training program that creates amazing dogs for service, protection, tracking, search and rescue, police K9, military deployment, specific odor detection...or all of the above (super dogs). Great with kids and other animals as well

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