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4 hard core dog trainers certified as Top Tier K9 Working Dog Trainers

4 hard core dog trainers certified as Top Tier K9 Working Dog Trainers this weekend. Congratulations to these fine men for their well deserved accomplishments as Top Tier K9 Certified Working Dog Trainers.

Pictured left to right:

Denton Rummel: A decorated combat veteran, former law enforcement professional, and executive security manager for a major telecom company. Denton will be working out of the New Smyrna Beach Florida area with his amazing Mal/GSD mix "Jax".

Chris O'Brian: Working for the Madison County Sheriff's office as a deputy and K9 handler as well as overseeing the K9 unit, Chris plans to expand his work within the law enforcement community and use his dog "Rex" to showcase his training skills.

Jody Johnson: A well known and respected Rottweiler Breeder from Moultrie, Georgia Jody is the owner of Real-Life K9. Jody is expanding his pet training business and is now offering working dog training for his clients (protection, scent detection, tracking, and advanced obedience) and will begin training his new puppies in the Top Tier K9 puppy imprinting and forecasting process.

Ben Wolter: A trainer for a major pet training company, Ben will be moving up the corporate ladder as lead trainer in Bloomington, Indianna and continuing his working dog training with his Real-Life K9 Rottweiler "Iorek".

It all begins with the "Art of Dog Training" class at Top Tier K9 and progresses through pet training and pet certification, followed by working dog puppy imprinting and forecasting, working dog trainer and then a shot at working dog certification. These certified working dog trainers are now eligible for the Top Tier K9 Service Dog Certification program as well as our Safe Catch Decoy certification.

Visit to learn more about our training programs, seminars and immersion programs, pet and working dog training options and see our amazing working dogs and puppies that are for sale to the general public, law enforcement and federal agencies.

Not everyone has what it takes to certify and maintain their certification with Top Tier K9. Those who do are making a positive impact on the dog training industry and they can be trusted by the public to provide quality dog training services.

Look for Top Tier K9 Certified Pet Trainers in your area for basic pet obedience and behavior modification and look for Top Tier K9 Certified Working Dog Trainers in your area for advanced obedience, tracking, scent detection (nose work) protection, and puppy imprinting. All Top Tier K9 Certified Working Dog trainers are also Certified Pet Trainers...your one stop shop for dog training.

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