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Top Tier K9 Launches Interactive Television Program

As Top Tier K9 continues to grow and expand it's offerings, we have found an enormous need among consumers for accurate and consistent information related to dogs and dog training. People are struggling to acquire healthy puppies from reputable breeders, challenged to find honest and high quality dog trainers in their communities, needing easy to access continuation training and support resources for their pets, protection dogs, services dogs, and people desperately wanting assistance to become dog trainers and start their own businesses.

In response to these consumer needs, we are launching a Live On-Line weekly program to provide education and entertainment to dog owners and future dog trainers. Through the use of our certified affiliate network, viewers will be able to access local trainers, see dogs and puppies for sale and even have their training questions answered, in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Every Saturday morning from 11:00 -11:45 am viewers can interact with Top Tier K9 through any Internet device; television, laptop, desktop, tablet, even their smart phones using their cameras, speakers and microphones in real-time.

Viewers will be able to participate in determining the content of future shows. We will be offering content associated with puppy imprinting and forecasting, pet training, protection, scent detection, tracking, search and rescue, dog sports and service dogs for the disabled, as well as equipment demonstrations from leading manufacturers.

Interactive television surpasses all forms of media communications as viewers actually get to participate with the crew and the show will expand and evolve based on input from the actual audience. Visit to learn more and register for the show

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