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Duane Pickel joins Top Tier K9

Duane Pickel is considered by many to be one of the top dog trainers in the world. He holds 25 AKC titles and has actually trained 3 bloodhounds at the AKC utility level. Anyone who understands utility and bloodhounds recognizes what that would require.

Duane was the first person to train a dog to indicate on human cancer cells. "George" was an amazing Schnauzer who won over 400 obedience awards. Read about it here

Duane is a Vietnam combat veteran and was a dog handler and scout during the war participating in many search and rescue operations. Duane ran the Tallahassee Fl police Department K9 unit for decades and basically wrote the book for trainer and handler certifications within the state of Florida. Duane assists us in all areas of training and conducts seminars for Top Tier K9 on scent detection and advanced training principles. Duane is also the Commander of VFW Post 3308 in Tallahassee, Fl. Duane will be hosting a break out session during our October 7-8 mega seminar at our campus in Madison Florida.

We welcome Duane to the Top Tier K9 team!

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