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Top Tier K9 is Growing

Top Tier K9, LLC has acquired new property and commercial facilities in support of our pet, working dog, service dog, and decoy/helper certification programs as well as a dedicated business development center for teaching our business and project management classes.

We now have a 5,000 sq foot building complete with rubber floors and 20,000 BTU of air conditioning, men's and women's ADA compliant restrooms with private stalls, a student lounge area and an additional 3,000 sq ft of covered porches.

We have an 1800 sq ft dedicated business and project development training center adjacent to the dog training facility and accessible without having to leave a covered area.

Our facilities include close to 2 acres of parking spaces and student housing of approximately 4,000 sq ft including house, mobile home, cabins and RV hookups for students who want to live in their own travel trailers during immersion and certifications.

The property covers close to 18 acres and includes tracking fields, ponds, and a 1,000 sq ft outdoor gazebo/deck for student enjoyment.

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