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Sniper Puppies are Now Super Dogs!!!

Top Tier K9 trained puppies are ready for your family.

Our puppy imprinting program is without peer. We create superdogs that will change the way people look at their pets. We train the puppies through our one of a kind imprinting program, we match the puppies with the right buyers, and we train the buyers in all aspects of the care and maintenance of a Top Tier K9.

Our current offerings are a trained litter based on our own malinois/GSD mixes. These dogs have the on-switch of a Malinois, and the off-switch of a German Shepherd, the perfect combination for dogs that work and can chill with the family.

They are trained in the following skills

1. Protection 2. Advanced Obedience 3. Tracking 4. Specific Odor Detection 5. Object Retrieval 6. ...and so much more

Why have a simple pet when you can have a pet that protects you and your family, finds bombs in your neighborhood or schools, finds drugs in your children's bedroom or at your place of business, retrieves dropped objects and finds missing children or adults? Need a fully trained Service Dog? Look no further than Top Tier K9, these puppies are ready for any challenge thrown at them.

Top Tier K9 dogs are trained in such a way that adding new specific odors to their search abilities takes only a couple of days, their tracking and sent abilities are extreme and they are already performing line bites in protection of their handlers at 15 weeks old.

Our dogs are in excellent health and up to date on all vaccinations and preventative medications (tick, flea, heart-worm prevention etc..). Get your puppy now and have a great "Pet Plus" or add additional training to your selected puppy through our continuation training and certification programs.

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